It's nice to meet you! 

Welcome to my page!

I am a fantasy fiction writer, blogger, and a coach for beginning writers.

During my professional career, I learned that the art of storytelling is a beautiful tool to express our ideas and the way to educate the readers about our core values.

Today, I help new writers to become professionals in this art.

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Here are some facts about me:

My name

My name is Lubov, which literally sounds as the word "Love" in Russian language. I was named after my grandmother.

Where I am from

I was born in 1988, in Vladivostok city which is located at the East Coast of Russia. In school I studied accounting and marketing, and in my 20-es I was an entrepreneur. I was helping clients improve their financial situation and helped small businesses to grow. Also, I have a BA as a translator in English.


Immigration and credentials

In 2014 I immigrated to Canada where I faced cultural and language barriers. For several years, I worked on improving my English, including speaking and writing skills. In 2019-2020 I studied English Literature and Psychology in Douglas college, and in 2021 I got a Teaching Certificate in the University of Calgary.

Why I became a writer

At my 30-es I'd experienced a life crisis. I attended a training for women who have family issues, and there I met an amazing woman who became my life coach. After completing a year and a half of training, I joined a coaching program and helped the women who experienced their own family problems including domestic abuse.

Seeing how much healthy mindset can affect our lives, I took decision to follow my heart desire and try myself as a novelist. Today I write for teenagers (mostly for young women) to inspire them follow their heart desire.

Was it easy?

Nope. Being an immigrant was a huge obstacle. I worked hard on my skills. I studied, I tried, and I failed. Then I stood up and tried again until I became a better creator.  

What does it mean to be a writer? 

For me it means to see the true beauty of the world. It means to hear the whisper of the universe when you look into the night skies. It means to live a dozen of lives together with your characters, to enjoy the moments of their joy and share their grief. Writer is the person who can make the reader feel everything that your characters went through and explore this life together with them.

Thank you for attention and enjoy reading!

Sincerely yours,