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Updated: Jun 2

And start living happier life

"Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” - Dalai Lama

We live in the 21st century, and our life is full of stresses. Every day we have to solve our problems and handle difficult situations. Moreover, we are surrounded by huge amounts of Information that cause our worrying. It's not a surprise that these days so many people constantly feel unhappy.

According to the new study held in Britain, Just three in 10 people are “happy with their lives”.

According to the same research, our worrying is caused by lack of certainty in different areas of our lives (finances, family, relationships, health, ecology). Worrying is the primary reason of our unhappiness. Thus, we can assume that happiness is connected with sense of confidence in our future.

How to become happier? How to be confident about our future when we have so many things to worry about? To answer this question, we should realize what we usually do to stop worry. We always have a choice how to react, and this choice is easy — we can ignore the problems or try to solve them.

Sometimes we keep worrying about our problem instead of looking for solution. Thus, we avoid solving it. This approach makes us nervous and we feel constants stress. Ignorance doesn’t lead to solution. On the other hand, we can not solve all the problems in the world. When we try to do so, we feel overwhelmed and distressed.

So what to do? To find the solution, we need to find the balance in our efforts to solve our problems. We need to choose which problems we need to concentrate on, because all our problems are different.

Here are the three categories of problems that should be approached differently:

Our own problems

When we have our personal issues with finances or health, we can fix it or rely on someone who could solve our problem. It is always nice to have a friend who can borrow us money or doctor who can prescribe us the right medication. However, when we fully rely on someone, it makes us feel helpless. As a result, we become unhappy and unsatisfied with our life.

The solution is in our approach. When we have a personal issue, we should take the responsibility in our own hands. We can always earn extra money and maintain healthier lifestyle. When we do so to solve our issues, we feel more confident about our future. This approach can help us to build our life the way we want it. Eventually, it makes us happier.

Someone else’s problems

When we solve other people’s problems, we do two things. At first, we have less time and energy to solve our own problems. At second, we take their chance to improve their life away from them. Unless you take care of little kids, the best thing you can do is to give the others their responsibility. When our kids are growing up, we can teach them how to take responsibility for their life in their own hands. This approach is healthy. It can help us and them to improve our lives. As a result, we feel happier.

Global problems

There are many issues in our World. Many people are aware about climate change caused by global warming, bad ecology, and increasing level of crime. These things are sad, and when we think about the size of the problem, it makes us feel despair. Because one person’s effort is not enough to fix the Global issues. However, ignorance is not an exit too. When we ignore the Global issue, it doesn’t get solved. In opposite, it keeps getting worse. The best thing we can do in this situation is to remember that we are a part of Society.

Fortunately, today we have many social movements that have positive impact on our planet. Where one person is helpless, the group of people can make a change. You can choose — whether to be a part of a problem or to become a part of solution. If you are aware about global warming, you can help volunteers to plant the trees. You can donate some money to Red Cross, or you can just bring your old plush toys to your local shelter. Whenever you join this flow you take part in positive changes. When we belong to the flow that makes this world better place to live, it makes us feel happier.

Thus, happiness is not a gift, it is an award for our efforts when we solve the problems. The key is to keep the balance. Sometimes we should accept the things that are beyond our control, but we often can take our future in our hands. When we learn how to delegate responsibilities at work, when we stop solving problems of our relatives, we improve our life. When we start changing our own life instead of worrying about it, we can get this feeling of confidence in our future. And maybe then we can finally feel what it means to be happy.

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Source: The Telegraph

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